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Between anticipation and excitement: the last game of the season against FC Köln II

37 game days and 3,330 minutes have been played in the 2021/22 season, but a decision on the outcome of the regional league season has been made in the last 90 minutes. “Before the season we would have signed such a final,” says coach Sascha Hildmann one day before the last game against the U21 of 1. FC Köln about the starting position, which could hardly be more exciting. The SC Preussen and RW Essen start in the last few minutes, due to the better goal difference (plus two) and the more gates achieved, however, the advantage is in the Ruhr area. “We won’t get anything tomorrow. We have to and will knock everything out so that we can laugh at the end, ”continued the football teacher. Cunishing against the goats is in the Prussian stadium at 2 p.m.

with a cool head in the last minutes

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The focus is clearly on your own game. Where the eagle carriers can influence it themselves. “We have to know. But we always went into the games with a lot of power and risk. It’s actually easy to go into such a game. I never had the feeling that the team was nervous. We have to keep a cool head, which is very important, ”emphasizes Sascha Hildmann, who will play for victory with his team. Whether and how high, the 90 minutes will show. The belief in it is in any case. “You cannot leave the inner tension from yourself, this is quite normal. But the boys see it as a highlight and as an opportunity. We can only win. And football is crazy, everything can happen. We will give everything tomorrow to make it crazy! “

“Football is crazy, everything can happen. We will give everything tomorrow to make it crazy! “

Prussia trainer Sascha Hildmann

The billy goats (62 points) are in sixth place before the season finale and can only slip a place backwards. Together with SV Rödinghausen (seventh, 61 points), they lie between good and evil. The distance in fifth place is nine points, in eight seven points. “I expect a strong team. It is a young troop that wants to show up. They certainly have a lot to do, ”says the Prussian coach with a view of the U21 of Effzeh. The first leg ended in the southern Stadium 1: 1 when the eagle wearers missed numerous opportunities and were punished shortly before the end. It has to run differently tomorrow.

tailwind from the fans

Regardless of how the game ends, one thing is certain: the team played an outstanding season and conquered the hearts of many fans. She got this message again before the duel: “The fans are 1000 percent behind us, which is important for the team. They were there again yesterday and made an important contribution, ”said Hildmann. With this tailwind and a sold -out Prussian stadium, the eagle bearers go to the last game in which they have to do without Jules Schwadorf. He contracted a fiber tear in Wiedenbrück. In addition, the duel for Lukas Frenkert comes too early, and he will only be able to watch. “Otherwise we survived the Wiedenbrück game well and everyone is fit. We look forward to the game! “

Problems are reported with Twitter servers

It seems that the week can not close without any error occurs in social networks. On this occasion, it is not Facebook who suffers from connection problems, but Twitter , where it has been reported that it is impossible to access this site for a few minutes.

According to Down Detector, severe faults have been reported on Twitter servers during the last minutes. The site has mentioned that from 11:14 am (Time of Mexico City), the social network has presented several failures . At the time of accessing this site through a PC, an error message prevents the step to our Timeline.

However, This is something that does not affect mobile users , where the Twitter application seems to work without any problem, although this could well change at any time. At the moment there is no clear response to this problem. We only have to wait for the company to solve this inconvenience.

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On related topics, Twitter has joined the NFT business.

Editor’s note:

These types of errors are not as common on Twitter, especially in a way that only affects the social network on PC, and not on mobile devices. Just hope that the solution does not take much to arrive.

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