IgG (IGG) announced on the 22th that it will proceed for a month from Mobile Dress Up Game “Times Princess” to develop and service.

This alliance event is also expected to benefit from the ‘Time Princess’ existing users, while new users are expected to be useful for useful useful items and “Time Princess”,.

“Time Princess” can acquire three golden tickets to get rare game items when downloading Toko Soda, and when you read ‘Toko’ paid content, You can get additional gift boxes.

In addition, the 500 upper user 500 views of the ‘Toko’ paid content can be obtained further at a golden ticket and a game item package of 250 pcs.

When the ‘Toksoo’ user is downloaded for 5 minutes after downloading the ‘Time Princess’, it will paid a rich game item of 30,000 won and a rich game item of 30,000 won.

In addition, the ‘Time Princess’ character is achieved by a five-level, the Cache 2000 won, and the 10th round of the level, and the 5000 won, etc., the “Time Princess” limited edition gauze package is also provided through the lottery.

‘Time Princess’ is a mobile game with historical, myths, and celebrity incartration of all over the world, with a rich story line, which is a multi-ending depending on the choice of user, and enjoy rich content.

In particular, you can directly create hundreds of items such as dresses and accessories through DIY systems, and apply items color, pattern, etc. to suit your preferences, and show your own fashion sense.

Dress up! Time Princess (by IGG.COM) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)

‘Toksoo’ is a digital content platform that can meet web novels and webtoons of various genres, free viewing, waiting for free, etc.