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Angel Games, Gods Top M: Great Journeys achieving the first place

Top 10 Best RPG Games For Android & iOS Of 2021 [ARPG/RPG/MMORPG]

[Data provided: Angel Games]

\ – Popular in Google Play Store and Apple App Store

\ – 1st place achievement commemorative coupon payment

Angel Games’ New Mobile RPG This was said that this was ranked first in popular game rankings in the domestic Google Play Store and Apple App Store on the 23rd.

The previous is the first place for the Apple App Store in 6 hours on the last 19th download.

The Top M> received a lot of attention as a game that shares the worldview and story of the webtone of the webtoon of 4.5 billion views worldwide, I am receiving.

In particular, users can feel the fun of the story of the story in the game, the “Twenty Fifth Night” of the story, adventually adventually adventually adventually adventually adventually adventually adventured and acquiring the various and attractive characters of the original.

Angel Gel Games presents a coupon to get a “legendary character confirmation” to all users to commemorate the top of the two market tops.

Meanwhile, the Angel Games’ Top M: The Great Journeys> and the events for the event can be found through the Top M official café.

Netmarble, Monster Tags

Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Lee Seung Won) announced that it has been updated, such as adding a new kidney class to the Mobile RPG ‘Monster Gil (Developer: Netmarble Monster).

This update has emerged a new kidney class ‘Gonggung Kidney’ and ‘Starlight Genenian & Mini’ was added. The heel of the Gonggong is a powerful character that can be used for various content without restrictions on a new kidney class in defects, destruction, dimensions, and natural kidneys.

The new adventure area ‘The Shrine of the Gwan Palace’ was added. Because monsters with high defenses and stamina emerges, they need more strategic movement and character growth to complete the stage.

Monster Math- Count and Label (Digital Drag & Drop via Noodle Nook)

Netmarble prepared a variety of events and compensation to commemorate this update. Priorities, the ‘New Year’s Bags’ event, which will be held up to 9th,, completes the mission every day and obtain a variety of compensation. During the same period, ‘Dao, rolling together,’ events and treasure store ‘events of’ treasure. In the event, users in the events are a point that they participated in the points obtained through the mission and to obtain compensation for the “treasure of treasure” in the “treasure firm shop” in the ” Can be obtained.

The ‘Monster Gil’ released in August, 2013 is a fun mobile RPG that collects and grows a monster full of personality. Through a solid game and stable service, it is evaluated as a game that has been a new record, such as achieving the first battered market for both mobile RPG genres.

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