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Diablo Immortal: an exit date and a big surprise for the Hackn Slash of Blizzard!

Announced in 2018, Diablo Immortal will be the first incursion of the mobile license. Players can already pre-register, but we were still waiting for an exit date. Be reassured if you were waiting for this new presentation because we had this date but not only, far from it.


Very coldly welcomed by a community that first awaited an ad concerning Diablo IV, Diablo Immortal has gradually able to reassure ** players over the presentations.

Hell will unleash before the summer

Blizzard has presented a real slash hack’n, adapted to the mobile market and the practice of video game on smartphone and tablets. Wyatt Cheng gave us an appointment on Monday at 13:30 for additional information.

The suspense did not last long since the new trailer, we learned that The title will be available June 2 all over the world with the exception of certain Asian regions, where he will arrive a few weeks later.

Diablo Immortal is not just a mobile game!

But, what we had not seen coming is that Diablo Immortal will not only come out on iOS and Android. The Game Director of the game has indeed announced that the title will also be available on PC via an open beta , with a total integration of the Cross-Play and cross-progress **.

The idea? Allow players to play anywhere in Diablo, then a play a little more comfortable once returned home, or enjoy _ “that you have a laptop” , as indicated by Malicious Wyatt Cheng, with reference to his unhappy phrase ** pronounced during the blizzcon _ “You do not have a smartphone guys?” .

Our goal has always been to offer a Diablo AAA experience on mobile. It is the largest and most ambitious diablo game so far. It will benefit from a developed social aspect, elaborate skills trees (…)

However, do not deceive yourself, Diablo Immortal is first a mobile game, which is then worn on PC . But Wyatt Cheng we promise it, the current phones offering very high resolution, it should not swear on PC. Immortal Diablo having been thought for mobile and tactile controls , it was necessary to adapt the commands for the PC.

Diablo Immortal RELEASE DATE and more
The hand holder will soon be integrated at the game, and we will find the classic combo keyboard / mouse combo . The small novelty is that players will also be able to move using the ZQSD keys, which is a first because the movements were previously at the mouse only.


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COD Mobile Heist Event Rewards and

The first season of COD Mobile in 2022 is here, as well as a new event called it’s a heist. The new season is called “Heist”, Season 1, and brings two new cards, two new weapons and much more. During the robbery event, all players can earn several rewards such as operator skins, battle-pass XP, credits, and a lot of other bonus items.

All players can participate in the event without paying a cent, and master different challenges to get free rewards. The “It’s a Heist” -Event in COD Mobile ends on January 27th, so make sure you jump into the game and sack all rewards. Here are all rewards and missions in the It’s a Heist-Event in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile it is a Heist-Event: List of missions

The new event has a variety of quests that the players will deal with for a while. Players can perform any of the events listed below throughout the event and earn all rewards. Every challenge is associated with a number of points, and the players must collect enough points to exchange them against rewards. Here are all missions in the COD Mobile Heist Event:

  • Play three games – 10 points
  • Buy three times an arbitrary primary weapon in the robbery playlist – 10 points
  • Buy a five times in matches any operator capability – 10 points
  • Buy five times advantages – 15 points
  • Open a safe – 15 points
  • Open a safe five times – 20 points
  • Play five games – 10 points
  • Win two robbery playlist matches – 20 points
  • Kill five enemies in robbery playlist matches – 10 points

You can run all the above tasks in any order, and if you complete a quest, the points will be released to collect.

COD Mobile It’s a Heist Event: List of Rewards

As soon as you have performed all or enough quests, you can redeem the collected points for free rewards and XP. Here is the list of all rewards that can be redeemed during the event:

  • 60 points – 150 credits
  • 70 points – X5 weapons XP cards
  • 80 points – Knife – Trunk light
  • 100 points – Fang smoke
  • 120 points – AK-47 – Cityscape

Make sure that you complete all missions before January 27, as the rewards can no longer be redeemed after the end of the event.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free online shooter game developed by the Timi Studio Group and released by Activision and is available for Android and iOS.

The best hand was implemented, Dunpa Mobile released on March 24

Nexon’s top expectation ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ is taking off veil on March 24th.

Nexon opened the use of the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile to open the use of mobile users in the 7th. On this day, the broadcasting of the Neoppy Yoon, Neop, and the three core developers such as manager, and the fact that the core developed, such as Jade Typical Mount, and the number of users were consisting of interviews and 5-party talks to answer the questions that the users are most wondering about the game. The development of the developed from the launch schedule, the advantages of the game, the introduction of a dungeon-dedicated original class, introducing a duel, and the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile Festival, not a variety of questions.

The first interview, the unique director of Yoon Myung-jin, “launches the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in Korea on March 24,” he said. I am preparing a game that matches the name of the Dungeon & Fighter, “he said.

#40 2nd Wax Artist | Pro Player | Sacred Heart Hospital | Identity V

Asked asking the most common part of development, Yoon Director, “I made a good game, and I would like to be able to improve the joystick for 30 times for the ‘hand taste’ for a long time,” In the situation, he was hard to optimize the client so that they can not be disconnected without being disconnected. “

More information on Dungeon & Fighter Mobile can be found on the official website.

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