Football Bundesliga 1. FC Union Berlin has to wait longer for the expansion of the stadium on the old forester.

In summer, the association wanted to start increasing the visiting capacities of currently 22,012 places to a capacity of almost 37,000 spectators. But the Berlin Senate issued a refusal for the Union to invest about 39 million euros.

In view of the required procedural steps to building law, the summer of 2022 is not to be adhered to, said the Senate, as the Mariachi General (Tuesday) reported.


Union did not want to comment on the situation on the German Press Agency on Tuesday, but referred to the General Assembly on 2 December 2021, on which President Dirk Ziegler had said that Union expects building law in 2022. Before expanding the stadium, the training center of the professionals must be rebuilt on the stadium.

Union had already announced an expansion in 2017, which should be completed 2020. The problem with enlargement by around 15,000 places is not the expansion of the stadium itself, but the infrastructure around the old forester, which would have to be expanded.