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Thomas Müller: Herbert Hainer goes from career end at FC Bayern Munich

President Herbert Hainer expects a career end of Thomas Müller at FC Bayern Munich.

“I am convinced that Thomas Müller belongs to FC Bayern like the Frauenkirche to Munich,” said Hainer in br. “I am convinced that he will finish his career at Bayern.”

The contract of the 32-year-old from Pähr in Upper Bavaria ends 2023. According to Sport1 Müller’s consultant Ludwig Kögl and the club bosses of the FC Bayern penetrated weeks to talk about a possible extension of his working paper. In the room is a new contract until 2025.

Thomas Muller: Bayern Munich LOVES a final…and final year of a contract ???? | ESPN FC

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On Saturday, Müller had celebrated the 300th victory at the 1-0 against the FC Augsburg in his 411th Bundesliga game. This is best in the Bundesliga at a club. “I hope there are a few come,” Müller said.

Munich Derby: Köllner wants to stay the number 2 of the city

A lot of time to breathe and reflection remains the lion after the cup of Karlsruhe on Wednesday (0: 1). After all, the journey to the upcoming away game at Turkic into Munich Olympic Stadium is not far, about 13 kilometers on foot. The timing is certainly very tight. But we have never regenerated well, the team did a very good impression yesterday, said coach Michael Killer at the press conference on Friday and gave a goal for the second half-serial of the season : We want to play a better second half of the trophy regardless of the cup. It would mean that this would mean more than 26 points from the first 19 games.

If there is not the Karlsruhe Corona outbreak in between. Two days after the cup duel, 16 players were positively tested there. Killer announced now to test all players with PCR tests by Monday. So far, these have been tested only with quick tests: The result for us is that we have to test day by day, until we can finish an outbreak at the end.

The latest rivalry

Again and again she cooks high, the sporty rivalry in the Greater Munich between the teams of the 3rd league. A few years ago, it was undertaking, since Nested it is Turk stick, which wants to make the supremacy behind the oversized Bavaria in 1860. Of course, it would be special for you if you would be in the Greater Munich number 2, but I think we have done that so far well to ward off all the aspirations of other clubs, says Killer. In the end, the Konstanz counts for me and I think there we have settled well. After last year’s victory at Turkic (2: 0, on 17 April 2022), they would know that they could win in the Olympic Stadium.

The opponent has been a new coach, Andreas Hera since December 27, 2021. Its way of playing is his trainer colleague at 1860 defensive. I think that the opponent will stand very deep. Also show the squad changes that you have done, which you may also strive for. Last striker Peter Salihović went to Wiesbaden. According to Killer, they could now lurk more on counterattacks, with the top Torres Knoll and the hanging lace Serkan Areas.

Coming winter transfers? Could also consult a road a street

We have no MUST-SITUATION now, explained the Lion coach to obligations on the transfer market. We have an important game tomorrow, playing again on Tuesday. And then we certainly have time to re-evaluate the topic with new findings, says Killer, who supplemented: If things have to be done, then Has there never been a hook at 60. However, due to the current personnel situation, Killer does not assume that that will be the case.

Killer was also in demand under which circumstances 1860 Munich would require a striker: First and foremost everything must always be affordable. With words, we will be heavy, we can not overrun the snowfall. Then I could go here now and then The words from my co-worker next cite a road, even with us there is no oil source that bubbles somewhere now. I have searched again this morning, there is nothing there.


Five actors are missing in the squad

Manuel wine, Marius Bosch, Nathan With, Kevin Golden and the yellow-letted Richard Decker can not participate in the City Berry.

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