First rumors A change from Andrei Schaefer came on Wednesday, on Friday now the Hungarian national player signed a contract at Union Berlin, as the club announced.

Andrei have already followed us for a long time, and we like his mentality, his development and his courageous game with the ball. He is young, ambitious and a player who is now available to us now, said Union Managing Director Oliver Runner.

The Irises, who stand after a 3-2 victory against city rival Bertha BSC in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup, thus close the gap in the central midfield, which by the departures of Robert And rich (to Bayer Leverkusen) and Christian Gentler (FC Lucerne) created last summer.

Schaefer, who was found at the EM in the year 2021 three times in the starting element of Hungary and also the interim 2: 1 achieved in 2: 2 against Germany, changes from the Slovak first division Tunguska Spread to the German capital. To play in the Bundesliga and thus one of the top leagues in Europe, is something very special. Union has taken an impressive development in recent years and leave traces in the Bundesliga. Together with the association I would also like to develop myself and take a foothold, the 22-year-old, who receives the jersey number 13, let know.