In our Guide to the Baby Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus Leaders:

  • Where your Mobai, Pichu and more Baby Pokémon finds
  • How your Mobai is easiest

Some of the baby Pokémon are only very rare. If you do not find a specific Pokémon, return to the next camp and changes the daytime by sleeping. This will renew the spawns of the Pokémon and you can go back to the search.

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Tips to catch the baby pokémon

To the little ones and buman Baby-Pokémon you should strike the best in the high grass , because you can escape you otherwise. Is just not a grass nearby, yokes one of the numerous berries to distract the Pokémon. As soon as you eat the berry and return your back, you can apply and catch you with a pokéball.

Mobai catch: Where can I find the baby Pokémon?

  • Location : Craterberg Highlands – Elysia Temple Ruins / Red Marshland – Cloud Sea Cup

At the Elylia Temple Ruins in the Craterberg Highlands you find moving stones or crystals. If you destroy them, you can find a Mobai. In addition, Mobai spawn very rarely in the forest in the north (cloud of clouds) from the red marshland.


  • Location : Obsidian Grassland – Ambition Hill / Forest Kitchen

Pichu is the simplest something south of the ambition hill in the Obsidian Grassland.


  • Location : Obsidian Grassland – Horseshoe Meadows / Sandgemeinsheide

To catch Portimimi, the best to go to the horseshoe meadows in the Obsidian Grassland and looks close to the river in the East.


  • Location : Craterberg Highlands
  • Daytime : Night

In the southwest of Craterberg Highlands , on the river, you can meet at PII at night. Should it be right in the middle of the day, you can change the time of day by sleeping in a camp.


  • Location : Craterberg Highlands

Something south of the Summit Wash Tunnel , outside in the snow, you usually meet some elekid and the further development of elektk.


  • Location : Cobalt Coast – Badelagune / Still’s Inland Sea

Togepi is the easiest way in the cobalt coastal land: either in the south in front of the mountain in the Badelagoon or on the two northern islands in the quiet inland sea .


  • Location : Cobalt Coast – Fireply Island

Magby can only catch on the fire-saving island in Cobalt-coastal land. Do not surprise you if you need some attempts to find Magby, the small Fire Pokémon spawn only very rare.


  • Location : Red Marshland – Gülden Fields

Pokemon Legends: Arceus How to Find EVERY BABY POKEMON! (MAGBY, BONSLY, ELEKID)

Knospi can be found in several places in red marshland. However, we recommend keeping you all around the two lakes at the Güldenen fields look for Knospi. There is also a camp around the corner.


  • Location : Cobalt Coast – Hidden Bay / Tombolo Way

Wonnira you can catch in the cobalt-coastal country in the south in the hidden bay or you go to the left small island in the raffle.


  • Location : Cobalt Coast – Still’s Inland Sea

The Baby-Pokémon Mantirps you can find in several places in the silent binner. Since Mantirps – in contrast to Remoraid – flies over the water, you can hardly overlook it.


  • Location : White Frostland – Lake of the Strength

In the white Frostland on the edge of the lake of the strength you can catch Klingplim. Especially at Western shore of the lake look for Klingplim.


  • Location : Obsidian Grassland – Geweihbergweg

Mampfaxo is relatively common at the Geithenbergweg in Obsidian Grassland. Stay on the map best something south of the Geweihbergweg lettering to catch a Mamfaxo.


  • Location : White Frostland – Firnfalls

In the card marking north of the firnaps, you will find a cave that leads you to a frozen waterfall . Riolu can spawn in the area in front of the waterfall.

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