In addition to the The Dark Pictures Anthology franchise, A new rumor suggests that Supermassive Games would already be working on a Remake of Until Dawn, Game that originally reached PlayStation 4 Out of 2015. Apparently, said remake will also be available for PSVR2.

According to Accountngt , Supermassive Games is Rehacido Until Dawn for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S , something that would definitely be strange considering that Sony He owns the IP and as I told you a few moments ago, the original title only reached PS4 .

Same Face models used in Supermassive Games (part 2) (Until Dawn, Dark Pictures Anthology)

Out of this you do not have many details about this hypothetical remake, but the idea is certainly rare considering that Your launch

Editor’s note: I loved Until Dawn, but I do not see why this remake. I am sure that Supermassive Games has other priorities at this time, and diverting resources for a remake of this game does not sound like the most feasible idea currently.