One of the ads that fans liked the Nintendo Direct Mini most last week was that of Pac-Man World: Re-Pac , a title that brings back to life to the saga that was born in the First PlayStation . This led fans to wonder what kind of changes would be implemented to this version, and fortunately we can know thanks to a video.

The new data arrived directly from the Anime Expo 2022 , in which Bandai Namco decided to share much more of this video game, and fans noticed that there are new movements as well as arrangements. In addition, this time the main character’s family does not have to be fully rescued to reach the end of the 3D adventure.

Here you can check the gameplay:

For its part, the Twitter nicknamed @Dailypacman shared a very detailed summary with new images and features that this expected remake will count.

Here you can check it:

More details of Pac-Man World have been discussed: Re-PAC in the live broadcast of Bandai Namco anime transmission.

-The floating jump allows Pac-Man to flutter in the air for a moment.

-It just as the GBA version, the rescue of the PAC family is optional.

-The user interface was changed to facilitate the monitoring of the elements.


In addition:

-It will have an additional polishing on the platforms so that Pac-Man does not slip from certain edges to which he jumps.

-Pac-man becomes Mega Pac when eating a Power Pellet.

-Toc-man has a jetpack and shoots Pac-Man. He also seems to be involved in the battle of King Galaxian.

Remember that Pac-Man World: Re-Pac premieres on August 26 in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC .

Editor’s note: With this remake Bandai Namco, two expected remastering has been marked, it will first be that of the Klonoa franchise and now with Pac-Man and his world in three dimensions. This could give hope to Digimon fans, since many expect new versions of the first PlayStation adventures.