Many definitive in League of Legends are usually incredibly satisfactory When you get fulfilled. Who has not dreamed of a perfect Karthus Requiem with which we can get the pentakill easier in history? Of course, one Good Pedrada de Malphite to 5 people next to a wave of shock by Orianna always gives us a cover on the stomach and it is likely that you too, but there is a special skill that we do not It causes that feeling, but it gives us all the desire to start singing in the middle of the game. As not, we talk about dear by some and hated by many, seraphine.

Seraphine, The Starry-Eyed Songstress | Champion Theme (ft. Jasmine Clarke) - League of Legends

The situation is easy to understand: After 45 minutes of departure and with almost all fish sold, both teams urgently needed the elder dragon to end the game as soon as possible. It is here when Seraphine, who was being controlled by Reddit user “hi_its_mish”, ** I was trying to guess when she could effectively throw her the definitive thing to be able to win the game. She had in her flashing her, so she had everything on her face to win.

After seeing that neither of them started and the red team had the soul of infernal dragon, the dream singer decided to take a step forward to try to break the game completely… and so it was. At a moment of surprise Seraphine would launch his r-bis to give full four of the five rivals that she had , creating a synergy of madness with Darius and Diana that would leave them at barely time to react and win fair After the game. That yes, we want to highlight the huge work of Rammus in the group fight that has caused the victory of Him’s team (we talked with irony, do not worry).