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DLC Resident Evil 3 Unlikely according to Leaker

The sincere response is-I don’t recognize, said Dusk Golem. When they were asked on which title M-Two functioned, Dusk Golem responded: You will certainly discover it really quickly, even if I think it’s a bad time to be exposed and that it is approximately around Two years after its release. We do not know which game Resident Evil to wait for programmers, but we are impatiently awaiting an additional traditional RE experience.

Capcom just recently published an investigation asking fans of Resident Evil if they want to proceed to see the remakes re-go forward and also as followers of themselves, we really hope that the majority of fans agree that this is worth it discomfort for them to take another look at the classics. Are you curious to recognize what we thought about the remake of Resident Evil 3? Consult our objection right here! We do not know what to anticipate from M-Vo for their next title, however if these reports are right, we can anticipate an additional game announced by them in the close to future and according to the look of that-I, Capcom is still thinking about remakes.

According to a credible Capcom official called Dusk Golem, the DLC Resident Evil 3 will probably not happen due to the fact that M-Two developers service a brand-new title. Although the following remake of Resident Evil has actually not yet been provided or introduced, it is feasible that M-Two is working with a remake for another title Re as a result of the bearing on which they are with the Capcom remakes. The remake of Resident Evil 3 is available for PS4, Xbox One as well as PC currently, with resistance bringing the multiplayer to the traditional experience.

Do you expect even more remakes RE or do you desire a resident evil 7 follow-up? Allow us understand in the comments below!

The next remake of Resident Evil has not yet been offered or revealed, it is feasible that M-Two is working on a remake for one more title Re because of the bearing on which they are with the Capcom remakes. Capcom just recently released an investigation asking fans of Resident Evil if they would certainly such as to proceed to see the remakes re-go onward and as fans of themselves, we hope that many followers agree that this is worth it discomfort for them to take another look at the standards. Are you interested to know what we believed of the remake of Resident Evil 3?

“Prince of Persian Time Sand Remake” Future Announcement -Original Development Original Development Ubisoft Montreal changed to development

On May 4th, Ubee Isoft has published a follow -up report on the currently developed action adventure “ Prince of Persian time remake “.

According to this, the development of “ Prince of Persian Sand Remake ” has been decided to be led by Ubisoft Montreal, which developed the original trilogy.

Based on the development results of Ubisoft Pune and Ubisoft Mumbai in India, which has already been developed, it takes the necessary time to re -adjust the size of the game and the best experience as a remake of immortal masterpieces. It is said to provide. The progress of development will be announced in the future.

The original “ Prince of Persian Sand ” is an action adventure released in 2003 for PCs and overseas consoles at the time in 2003 and in 2004. The system that can be rewinded and redone has been well received with a wide variety of actions.

Prince of Persian Sand Remake ” for PC/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch will be announced in “Ubisoft Forward” in 2020, but later changed its release. It is scheduled to be released in 2022 at the time. Ubisoft investors, which have been revealed later, have shown that they are expected to be released at least by the end of March 2023.

A remake of Until Dawn would already be in development

In addition to the The Dark Pictures Anthology franchise, A new rumor suggests that Supermassive Games would already be working on a Remake of Until Dawn, Game that originally reached PlayStation 4 Out of 2015. Apparently, said remake will also be available for PSVR2.

According to Accountngt , Supermassive Games is Rehacido Until Dawn for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S , something that would definitely be strange considering that Sony He owns the IP and as I told you a few moments ago, the original title only reached PS4 .

Same Face models used in Supermassive Games (part 2) (Until Dawn, Dark Pictures Anthology)

Out of this you do not have many details about this hypothetical remake, but the idea is certainly rare considering that Your launch

Editor’s note: I loved Until Dawn, but I do not see why this remake. I am sure that Supermassive Games has other priorities at this time, and diverting resources for a remake of this game does not sound like the most feasible idea currently.

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