The Sandbox Korea (CEO Lee Seung-hee) announced on the 11th that it has signed a partnership with Hana Bank to cooperate with the global metavus business.

With this partnership, The Sandbox is conducting new event marketing in connection with Hana Bank, opening a virtual branch and providing basic banking trading services in The Sandbox Metabus, and investing in the Sandbox ecosystem participation and collaboration. I plan to make it.

Lee Seung-hee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea, said, We are looking forward to seeing what new content will create a meeting between Meta Bus and banks.

Kim So-jung, vice president of Hana Bank, said, It will be an opportunity to participate in the global version of the recent trend of Web 3.0 Metabus, secure the foundation as a digital leading bank, and provide convenient and interesting financial services to guests using Hana Bank, including MZ generation and other Hana Bank. I do it.

Meanwhile, the Sandbox is in addition to Hana Bank, Channel A, Lotte World, CJ ENM, Samyang Annie, Studio Dragon, Todak Togo, Pororo, Square Enix, Shift-up, Ubisoft, Atari, SM brand marketing, cube entertainment K-League, Zepeto, Snoop Dogdok, Warner Music Group, Dead Mouse, Adidas, Walking Dead, Smurf, Care Bear are expanding the world with meta buses.