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Sonic Frontier, Monster Hunter series and collaboration

Sega Publishing Korea (CEO Saith Go) is a popular hunting action game for the PlayStation5/PlayStation4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox Series X | The collaboration of the Monster Hunter series has been decided.

In this collaboration, Sonic Frontier’s free download content features a collaboration pack with the Monster Hunter series.
Download the collaboration pack to get a barbecue set to play a special equipment and mini-game. Play a barbecue mini-game in the game to further strengthen Sonic.

■ Monster Hunter Series Collaboration Pack


-Zeus cat


-BBQ set

In addition, in commemoration of collaboration, new collaboration illustrations of the Monster Hunter series and Sonic teams will be unveiled. The collaboration pack will be implemented on November 15, 2022.

Fighter Mirai Asakura will appear in Dragon Like 8. The state of the development floor of the studio like the dragon will be released, and the appearance of Kasuga Ichibans new work will be confirmed.

It has been revealed that a fighter Mirai Asakura will appear in the Ryu-like 8 , which is developed by the Studio like the Sega of Sega. Asakura, who also works as YouTuber, released a video of visiting Sega on July 19. Masayoshi Yokoyama, a studio representative, commented, I asked for something ridiculous.

Dragon Like 8 is the latest work of the Dragon Like series. It was revealed that it was under development during the reorganization of the studio organization like the dragon last October. In the reorganization of the organization, Toshihiro Nagoshi, who had been the top of the studio until then, left the company, and Yokoyama was appointed as the representative. At that time, Mr. Yokoyama said that the new work would be a work depicting the previous main character, Kasuga first.


In the video released by Asakura this time, Mr. Asakura met Sega’s president Haruki Satomi. Mr. Asakura has received an offer from Satomi to appear directly in Dragon Like 8. It is said that Asakura will be the first one who will offer the appearance for this work.

And in the latter half of the video, Asakura and Yokoyama moved to the studio development floor like Ryu. The monitor of the PC under development shows a video of Dragon Like 8, and is unveiled for the first time under the permission of Mr. Yokoyama. In addition to Kasuga first, you can also see the appearance of Namba and Koichi Adachi who appeared in the previous work. Kasuga first seems to have a different hairstyle.

After that, Mr. Asakura immediately conducted a 3D capture to create his own 3D model to appear in Ryu Ga-no-Yaku 8. It incorporates various expressions. This video was so far, but in the conversation with Mr. Satomi, the motion capture of the action also mentioned the possibility of Asakura himself. Such work may be implemented in the future. It has not been revealed what kind of roles will appear.

Dragon Like 8 is only announced that it is under development at the moment, and the details of the game contents are unknown. I want to wait for the official announcement.

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