Kira Wade struck his right fist on her black helmet. When returning to your silver World Cup route in Corina d’Mezzo, the best German outer was a good deal from your medal form of a year ago. Place ten at the Wild Ski Show The Olympia Favorite Sofia Loggia was solid – but not what Handle had hoped.

It was a wind lottery, but the same for everyone, she said about the conditions that had been shortened the route greatly. Just because I’m doing well last year, it does not mean that I’m going well this year, Grille added, I have allowed me too many mistakes in the upper part.

0.81 seconds The 25-year-old lacked Loggia’s best time (1: 06.98), which celebrated its sixth season win, the fourth in the departure. On Sunday there is still a Super-G, then it goes to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the general rehearsal for Beijing. Of course you hope for a good result to drive with a good feeling to Olympia. I’m confident, Wade said.


Loggias Wilder rode into the valley

Loggia’s idea was a shock for the competition. The Speed ​​Queen drove twice alongside the track and after a shunting customer on just one ski – and was still 0.20 seconds faster than the second, Ramona Siebenhofer from Austria.

It was a wild ride, the Italian said, I had so much wind, I could not see anything else than snow. At their target passage, she raised her arms apologetically. Shortly thereafter, Loggia looked at the scoreboard in disbelief, hit his hands over his head and dropped under the jubilation of her fans in the snow.

After her fall in the previous week in Gaucheness, she had not yet been in full ownership of her powers, Loggia reported, Unbelievable that I won.

The race in the ticker