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Park Bo -kyun, Minister of Education, Candidate, P2E, concern, caution

Ahead of the personnel hearing of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture, Culture, Sports and Tourism), which will be held on May 2, a letter of response from the majority of the members of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Culture Committee) was released. Among them, questions and answers about game and esports policies are included, which shows the candidate’s vision and policy direction to promote this field.

In addition, 13 members from the Democratic Party, Lee Sang -heon, Chung Chung -rae, and Kim Seung -soo, a member of the National Culture Committee, were sent. Overall, Park Bo -kyun said that the game should be fostered as a representative content industry in Korea, and esports is also worth the new sports stock. In addition, it is necessary to disclose the probability -type item information, and the P2E game should be approached carefully.

First of all, Park said, “The game industry accounts for 70%of the content industry exports. At the same time, it is becoming a new culture of the young generation. At the same time, I think that the formation of a healthy use culture of the game is also an important issue. ”

Therefore, in order to promote the game industry, the policy of creating a healthy industrial ecosystem and discovering new growth engines is necessary, and specifically, it is necessary to foster game talent and to create innovative game development conditions. In particular, the company announced that it will promote new game planning stage support projects, expand the proportion of support for console and vulnerable areas, and strengthen export diversification and overseas market support.

For the Chinese Panho, which is the biggest problem related to exports, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Industry needs to actively persuade China, and also actively supports the export market that the export market is overly high in China. It was revealed. At the same time, he said that China should respond strictly to China’s Northeast Fair attempt in various fields such as games.

Subsequently, the WHO game disease code said that he would gather opinions from all walks of life to make efforts to derive reasonable alternatives for the domestic situation. However, as the game is an industry and a representative leisure culture of the people, it will expand regulations, revitalize exports, and support new technology -based productions, and strengthen education and public relations to spread the positive value of the game. It is analyzed to make efforts to foster the game industry and create game culture.

Park Bo -kyun also agreed to the necessity of tax reductions for the game industry that the former minister said. However, the ‘Game Landmark Construction’ mentioned by the Minister of Culture and Culture will contribute to the activation of investment in the game industry and the spread of positive perceptions of the game, but in order to successfully promote, it must be tightly consulted with the private and local governments. He maintained a cautious attitude that he needed to discuss with relevant ministries such as departments.

However, the Korea Creative Content Agency separated the relevant work and maintained a somewhat reserved attitude to examine the current business performance on the Game Industry Promotion Agency and the E -Sports Promotion Agency. In addition, new businesses such as NFT and Metabus are supported to adequate the content industry to respond appropriately to new environmental changes, and will try to minimize the digital grooming problems that occurred in NFT copyright disputes and Zepeto. In addition, P2E games will be carefully examined as industrial growth potential and concerns are raised.

It is also necessary for both the unveiling the probability -type item information and the e -sports area ointment system. First of all, the probability -type item replied, “It is necessary to form a healthy game culture and guarantee the right to know the user.” Lee Sang -heon, who includes the disclosure of probability, is to improve unreasonable institutional maintenance and industrial support system, and the industry expresses its position to strengthen regulations on some contents in the industry. The company said it will discuss with the National Assembly, related organizations, and the game industry to find ways to improve.

Regarding the e -sports area ointment system, “We will cooperate with each local government to establish infrastructure such as local e -sports permanent stadiums, and solidify the ointment -based amateur competition so that the local players can be discovered.” In addition, the introduction of e -sports Toto is also positive, and the company said that it will review the total sales of the meandering industry and the fair competition operation capacity of the event organization in order to select new stocks.

Park Bo -kyun is a journalist and has been pointed out that he lacks expertise in culture, sports and tourism. He has been a journalist for more than 40 years, has focused on cultural, politics, history, civilization, leadership, and language, and has been continuously raising consensus by writing columns and laps on the field of culture and arts. He also reported that he has accumulated expertise by directly experiencing national culture, sports, and tourism policy cases by covering museums and art galleries, and especially leading the return of the “Jumi Korean Empire”.

Subsequently, the policy task, which is important as the Minister of Culture and Culture, will be a full-fledged starting point of the country of integration and prosperity with the great people who have been revealed by the president. ” We will strive to spread and become a cultural first -class country, to support all citizens to enjoy culture without discrimination, and to spread the value of national integration from culture. ” In addition, he added that he would strive to normalize cultural arts and tourism, which had caused severe damage due to the spread of Corona 19.

Earn meat before fainting with hungry BBQ Simulator The Squad to enjoy with up to eight people

Developer Cube cube Sports has launched STEAM early access in the barbecue experience shim BBQ Simulator: the Squad that can be enjoyed with up to 8 people.

In this work where you can enjoy multi-player with a single player and up to eight people, you have to eat grilled meat before the player character is fainting. As it is a sandbox type game, it is also possible to play with soccer balls and mower while someone is baking meat. It seems that a flesh to steal the meat will also appear.

We Build Gingerbread Houses In REAL LIFE...

Multiplayer’s CO-OP mode can play with up to eight teams and perform crazy BBQ sessions. Although the role assignment within the team is not particularly determined, the task sharing can be freely selected.

Avatar for men and women is prepared and can be customized very finely until the details of the face.

It must be provided so that the hostile flies are trying to steal the meat.

A variety of activities such as soccer balls and lawn machines are provided in the garden in the game, and someone wants you to publish while baking meat.

There is also a microwave if you look for a kitchen. The way to eat meat before the friend is fainting depends on the creativity of the player. First, check whether the microwave oven operates or explodes.

Meat and steak are valuable. You have to cook not to waste them. It may be environmentally severe.

Actively use gas burners and digesters.

BBQ Simulator: THE SQUAD that seems to enjoy chaos barbecue, is usually distributed for 205 yen (15% off until December 19). Early access is about to implement about a year.

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