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Haemimont Games introduces the Survival Stranded simulation: Alien Dawn


It is Frontier Factory, the independent game posting tag of Frontier Developments, which accompanies this task whose beginnings will happen in October in very early access to Steam. The gamer will certainly aim to ensure the survival and development of a little team of survivors deserted on an extraterrestrial globe with acquainted landscapes, however who are holding aggressive fauna.

As like the style, players will certainly start at the accident website with absolutely nothing besides the fundamentals as well as will bring together much more as well as extra unusual surrounding sources to develop the opportunities of crafts before starting the building and construction of ‘a base. Mysterious conditions, extreme weather condition problems and extraterrestrial fauna attacks will be as numerous challenges to endure to endure, in enhancement to the requirements of survivors that will certainly also be at the heart of each selection.


_ Chaque enduring has its own tale, different levels in key abilities and also unfavorable and favorable characteristics. It is only by improving these skills and also optimizing the potential of each that you can endure _, can we review on the Video game sheet. According to Haemimont Gamings, Stranded: Alien Dawn ought to remain at least six months in early gain access to.

After Tropico 5 at Kalypso Media and also Surviving Mars at Paradox Interactive, the Bulgarian studio Haemimont Gamings fraternized with Frontier for its new development, a simulation of survival in extraterrestrial environment called Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Stranded: Alien Dawn-Video ad

[Todays Steam] Growing every season, Apex Legend Bag Overpassed

The Apex Legend, which started service on Steam in November 2020, beat the battleground with 510,000 concurrent users on the 10th, when the 14th season began, and has maintained 400,000 people afterwards.

The Apex Legend began its service on Steam in seven seasons a year after its launch in February 2019. At the beginning of the launch of the steam, it started with 110,000 concurrent users, and the number of users continued to increase as the season continued. While chasing the battleground, it was ranked third over the last 10 days and the 14th season, exceeding the number of simultaneous users of the Battleground.

Apex Legend’s popular factors are faithful basics such as stalled content and balance patches. Every time the season begins every three months, a new legend (character) is added, and it is giving a different feeling by adding new maps and changing existing maps. In addition, the story is steadily developed, the equipment and systematic parts are responding quickly, and the impression that it is paying attention to the balance adjustment. It comes to mind.


Meanwhile, in addition to the Apex Legend, Naraka: Blade Point surpassed Tim Fortress 2, with 16,942 people on the 19th at the TOP 20, the top 20 users, and the last test before the launch was 54,661. He ranked 20th with his name.

In the world’s best sales rankings in Steam, Naraka: Blade Point ranked third with a sale, and the Overcook-style plate-up ranked fourth. FIFA 23, which released the Ultimate Edition benefits, ranked seventh.

Rhythm Roglike Crypto of Necrodancer Suddenly latest large update distribution started. What is the reason for the first element of elements in about 5 years?

Klei ENTERTAINMENT/BRACE YOURSELF GAMES distributed the latest updates for the Steam version of Crypt of the Necrodancer on July 1st. This work has been updated for the first time in about 5 years. There seems to be a reason for sudden update distribution.

Crypto of Necrodancer is a rogue lyricism action. The structure changes every time the dungeon of this work dies. Players will eliminate many monsters, pick up equipment and items and power up the protagonist. This work has established its uniqueness by introducing the elements of rhythm games while following a popular system in rogue-like works. During the game play, inputting according to the rhythm that flows, various benefits can be obtained, such as increasing the number of coins that can be acquired. Conversely, if you don’t get the rhythm, you’ll be attacked by the enemy unilaterally. Game play, which combines the action that needs to keep up with the rhythm and the strategic nature that requires accurate judgments, has gained a good reputation.

This work was officially released at Steam in April 2015. It was later released for Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One and iOS/Android. Later, in addition to the DLC Crypt of the Necrodancer: Amplified, a work featuring this work and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda also appeared. The collaboration work Cadence of Hailal: Crypto of Necrodancer feat. Zelda Legend is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

And this time, the V3.00 update was distributed for the Steam version of this work. The last update V2.59 was distributed to the Steam version in October 2017, which is the first update in about five years. Improvements and changes in V3.00 are diverse. First, the reading time at the start of the game was greatly reduced. No beat mode is added to the game play, allowing you to follow the story with a rhythm. In addition, the Save and Quit function has been added, ending the game at any time and resuming. It is said that the progress will be saved automatically when closing the game window.

In addition, a custom music function that allows users to add their favorite song files has been renewed. Compatible with MP3, OGG, FLAC format files, and the music flowing in the game can be changed. The game side automatically determines the tempo and conforms to the rhythm game element. Here, the tempo of the song has been implemented in the background, and multiple playlists can be set. Special trucks for bosses, training, tutorials, etc. can also be customized. In addition, controller support has been improved for play in Steam Input and Steam Deck. It seems that the button icons for each controller have been added, and the button allocation function has been enhanced. In addition, various changes such as improving the Co-OP function have been implemented. Check this patch notebook for details.

It is a nice place for fans to have such an update after about five years. However, good news is likely to be waiting in the future. According to patch notes and official tweets, this update is a sign of Something Bigger which will be unveiled in the future. Before developing that something, he wanted to reflect the highly important feedback from the community in this work. Crypto of Necrodancer has been loved and has gained popularity. What is the developer Brace Yourself Games prepared?


Crypt of the Necrodancer is being distributed to PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One and iOS/Android. The V3.00 update is being distributed for Steam. The update has at least the outlook for overseas console distribution, but it is not known when it will be distributed.

The monster romance syn KAICHU -THE KAIJU Dating SIM official announcement, released in the summer of 2022. Love grows in exchange for courtship dance and destruction in tourist destinations in the world

Publisher Top Hat Studios officially announced Kaichu-The Kaiju Dating Sim at the online showcase event WHOLESOME DIRECT. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam/Epic Games store). According to Steam store page notation, it will be released in the summer of 2022 for Steam. The console version will be released for overseas.

KAICHU is a romantic simulation game between monsters. The player becomes a giant monster GIGACHU, aiming for romance and kissing with other monsters. Date in tourist destinations around the world and deepen relationships by courtship dance, not words.

The six monsters with a habit are to capture this work. It is said that each story is set for each. As a date place, 24 landmarks from all over the world appear. Let’s visit tourist destinations such as the Freedom Goddess and Tokyo Tower to deepen the relationship. The landmark is destroyed in a date, but that’s not the case.

The means of communication for monsters is not a word, but a courting dance. If you can’t dance the other person, you can’t deepen your relationship. However, it is not completely groping. They seem to explain the taste of the other monster and the interpretation of the dance in the news in the game. Let’s explore the preferences of the capture based on analysis by experts.

Despite the courtship dance, humans do not overlook the landmark being destroyed. Occasionally, the army may interfere with the love road. Can you overcome such obstacles and make love? Gigachu’s love is in the player’s hand.

The development of this work is California-based Squiddershins. It is a studio between Jason Boyer, who is in charge of art, and Ryan Pietz, who is in charge of the story. In the past, titles such as Tick Tock Isle and Merrily Perilly have been developed. Adorable graphics and stories are well received. The characteristic of these studios may have been demonstrated in Kaichu. I also want to look forward to the music that CLARK ABOUD of Slay The Spire works.

Kaichu-The Kaiju Dating Sim will be released for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and overseas console.

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands will appear in Steam?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a Gearbox Software and a 2K Side Product for the Borderlands series. It has a titled tiny Tina, which leads a player through the game in the style of Bunkers and Badass. It will be released on March 25, 2022 for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Those who at PCs can play it through the Epic Games Store, but you may be interested, whether Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will appear in Steam.

Answer yes – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will appear in Steam, but there is temporary exclusivity for Epic Games Store . Unfortunately, The release date in Steam is not announced leaving fans in ignorance as to when they can buy the game and play it through Steam.

Many games run in the Epic Games Store as exclusive time, including Borderlands 3. The previous game Borderlands appeared in Steam only six months after its initial launch. It is not known whether the players can expect the release of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in Steam on the same time.

Those who want to play Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands on a PC when starting, have to go through the Epic Games Store. If you prefer to store all your games in Steam, you may have to wait some time.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Before You Buy
For more information about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, read the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands information, conducting an event on signing autographs in Texas, and what Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Treasure Trove is? in professional guidelines for the game.

[Todays steam] Recovery Dadine, fireproof Global La

Last week, even at the steam at the steam, the top simultaneous number of consecutants in the steam maintains a line of 800,000 and kept TOP 3, and the Rost Arc has not recovered the previous record.

2022 Обход блокировки STEAM | Смена региона СТИМ
Roast arc has declined 64 million at the 11th, which has been updated, and 640,000 at the top simultaneous connections fell and stayed at 600,000 units on the weekend. This could not be recovered on 14 days, and the top simultaneous number of concurrent users was 66 million, and it was 4th in Tota 2. Although the elderly is not steep, it is a situation where the firepower is definitely feasible compared to the early days of the release that recorded more than 1 million people.

The part, which is the biggest problem in the steam version, is a “bot” user. Last 4, the executor is permanently suspended 1 million accounts identified as using illegal programs, and is working on how to identify illegal programs better in the game and to provide a way to block them.

In addition, the issue also caused a fishermen to a number of users who have failed to be able to complete the “Tital Ross” during the Width of Guardian in the past weekend. Bot issues and errors, etc., will be the right subsequent response, because it is a local operational issue, not the game property. Rost Arc is focused on interest that you can recover your old momentum.

Then, in the world’s best sales products, the online multiplayer FPS ‘World War 3 (World War 3), which is ahead of 2018, has been successful in sales. This is a Military shooter that deals with the battle in the modern instance, Blaza, Berlin, Moscow, and so on. The recent evaluation of the steam user has been a ‘generally positive’ and has a evaluation that has a game performance better than Battlefield 2042.

The Uragun action game flies toward early access at the end of March

Kool2Play is a unique independent video game developer who has tried a wide range of genres. The company has been working on Uragun for some time with the X project and the Y project, which will be announced at another time. Today, Kool2Play is finally able to show Uragun and to announce that it will enter early access on March 30, 2022. The game is described as a descending action experience filled with machines and robots. The game will be available on Steam.

Uragun - Official Gameplay Trailer

The director of the game, Fran Aviles, who worked on Deep Rock Galactic, as well as Kool2Play are ready to show Uragun at Steam Next Fest on February 21st. The game demo will be available on Steam from this date. The demo will include the tutorial and four levels on two biomes.

In Uragun, players embody mortal Mechs who wake up while a corrupt IA tries to conquer the world. Players will travel through different locations, including Barcelona, ​​Hong Kong and North America. As players progress, they will unlock weapons such as hunting rifles, plasma boomerangs and much more. There is also a ton of customization options.

Uragun offers fast battles with personalized levels that offer a real challenge. To succeed, players must master the fight, movement and weapons.

Early access has allowed various independent developers to publish their games and receive comments. Although there are disadvantages to the system, Kool2Play and other developers use it positively.

What do you think of anticipated access? Do you like the idea? Have you ever appreciated anticipated access titles? Are you interested in Uragun? Are you going to try the demo or early access? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

Steam Deck Does it actually remain in the release in February 2022

In November this year, Valve had to announce the planned for December 2021 release of Steam cover that moves to February 2,022nd As the main reason for the manufacturer called the ongoing problems in the global supply chain. But the release in two months under these aspects is even backed up?

There's been a lot of Steam Deck news in the last few days... ????
That said Valve the release of Steam deck in February 2022

The responsible Valve designer Greg Cooper turned recently to questions of colleagues at PC Gamer and came in part to the current supply problems and the associated release plans for the handheld PC Steam deck to speak. For the waiting fans — especially the pre-order — he had a calming message in the luggage:

We have the feeling that in this respect all goes according to plan. We are still disappointed that we had to move to the beginning of next year from the end of this year. But yes, all signs indicate that in February this we in are able to deliver.

How many copies are distributed at the launch of the customers?

So far, Valve keeps with specific information on the numbers at the launch of Steam deck posh back. But the statements of According Cooper will turn out not dimensioned particularly small the launch.

We will have a launch for a significant number of users at the beginning. This is then we build over time continues on, instead rauszuhauen the largest chunk of the first day and then continuously break down.

According to the testimony of Greg Cooper Valve wants to have delivered to customers until 2023 several million copies of Steam deck without, however, mention a concrete number to want. The manufacturer, however, is definitely convinced of the success of the handheld.

Source: PC Gamer

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The release of the Steam deck in February 2022 currently remains untouched. (2) [Source: Valve]

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