On this Sunday, the operation on the Säben Straße is completely set. Due to the Bundesliga pause for this last January weekend, all professionals of FC Bayern have workout free. Part of the squad was even worn on Saturday and must first appear again on Tuesday. Some players with a catching demand like the recently with Corona Lucas Hernandez or Leroy Sané completed special units for a targeted construction.

There are currently no time window for Goretzka

Leon Goretzka (26) is a special case. The midfield operator of the record champion now feels again pain in the knee, the patella tendon prepares problems after run units, the cause is not definitely clear. Hope, Goretzka could be integrated into team training this Tuesday, has not fulfilled. It is a small relapse for the 41-color national player who used the FCB last for the 3: 2 victory in Dortmund on December 4, 2021, so eight weeks ago.

Leon Goretzka talks about his recovery process

The schedule designed almost three weeks, just after this three-week deadline to decide on further treatment, must now be changed: There is currently no time window for Goretzka. After all, no operational intervention, which has recently been discussed as an alternative, completed after Goretzkas Knee now recordings. The FCB professional with the jersey number 8 must continue to complete construction training and for the time being with lightweight running, football-specific training is not possible. A prediction for the duration of the rehab and a return of this for FC Bayern as the national team very important Bavaria players can not currently be taken.