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The last livestream super smash bros. takes place this Wednesday with Terry Bogard

Fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been upset to the ILO, wondering when Furie Fatale Terry Bogard, an Alun, joined the fighter’s list this month. But a Livestream event announced for the game suggests that it could happen as soon as possible.

The official Twitter account Nintendo versus confirmed today that a special issue would take place on November 6, featuring no other than smash bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai. The Live-Stream will focus on the bogard character and will last about 45 minutes. You can see the tweet below.

Since the flow will last 45 minutes, it is likely that we will see a little more than your usual game part. For example, the Smash Bros. The team could have an announcement of the release date of Bogard – perhaps even after the afternoon of the broadcast. And we will also have the chance to know who will be the fifth and last character of the first season of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for publication at the beginning of next year.

REACTION: TERRY BOGARD IN SMASH - 11.06.19 Smash Direct | MissClick Gaming

None of this is confirmed. But the last time we had a broadcast smash_, Banjo-Kazooie was presented and confirmed soon after for the game. So we could be in store for a similar scenario here.

Oh, and one thing – you will need to get up early enough for this show. It starts at 6 pm at 6. We will be those who drink coffee when you wake up.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now.

Does Aaron Donald now come back? “I wanted that so much”

Since 2014, Aaron Donald has been an integral part of the NFL and an integral part of the Los Angeles Rams, which were still located in St. Louis at that time. The round-round pick out in Pittsburgh and the college who gone to the college, there has been developing since then with his body mass, Power and his explosive to his best defensive tackles that have ever operated this sport.

98 “Sacks” for the opposing quarterback in 127 Regular Season games are only an excerpt of his brilliance, his famosies can. And so Donald also made the difference from Sunday to Monday in the domestic Sofi Stadium – with two “sacks”, many pressures, certainly clear announcements in the important phases for his colleagues and with the final play, as the Routinier Bengals Hoffnungsträger Joe Burrow (263 yards, a touchdown, no interception and seven cashed “sacks”) at 4th & 1 Hindered at the necessary First Down. This was the 23: 20 victory under the roof and subject. So that also Donals first Super Bowl victory!

And also his last?

“I promised my daughter that

Even before the grand finale (here’s the game in the ticker for reading) was reported by US media, who wanted to learn from related people that Donald could withdraw in the event of a super-bowl victory – with only 30 years.

Then the star was also addressed directly after the playing end in the field. His answer: He first wanted to enjoy the moment and do not worry about it in the next few days and the upcoming offseason. It was much more important to him because of the confettite and certainty to finally be the very great goal. In streams, for that’s why minutes walked to him after the end of the clock. Tears over the face. “I wanted that so much, I dreamed about it,” Donald showed deeply in the first TV interview. “I promised my daughter when she was sad: that she is allowed to play in confetti.”

14. February 202201: 04: 34 hours

ITK # 6: RAMS at the destination! Everything about Super Bowl in LA

Enough. Out. Past! The NFL season goes to LA with a Hollywood ending ending and in the second year in a row, the winning team can leave in his hometown. Michael and Grille of the integral part, as well as Kucze, Daniel and Remo have set themselves immediately after graduation and give you the fresh reactions to the biggest game of the year. What was in the end? What were the game scenic scenes? How is it going for the Bengals and the RAMs? Photo Credit: Imago / Zuma Wire

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Aaron Donald & Von Miller React to Winning Super Bowl LVI, Talk Running it Back Next Season

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The bitter 3:13 against the New England Patriots around NFL-legend Tom Brady at the beginning of 2019, when Donald had not caught a good day, was finally picked up. The near future will now show how it continues with Donald. Either way he will take as one of the big defenders into the NFL story – especially with this super-bowl victory.

In the spotlight: cup, Stafford, Beckham

The most valuable player of the game was Meanwhile, RAMS passport receiver Cooper Cup was chosen. His second touchdown 85 seconds in front of the slightly later following attack from Donald against Bengals quarterback Burrov, a durable duel together with a residue again on the side of the Rams. “I have no words. I’m so thankful for everyone in my life,” said Cup.

“I’m so proud of this team. There are so many great players in this team,” said, Meanwhile, Quarterback Matthew Stafford, who had a total of three touchdown passports and his two interceptions did not matter anymore. The Routinian (34), which came from the Detroit Lions before the season, supplemented: “This is a victory of the team. The defense has played great.” For him himself it was the first triumph in the Super Bowl in his 13 years in the NFL, for the Rams the second after 2000 (23:16 against Tennessee).

Arriving at the destination: Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. the former New York Giant (2014 to 2018), who had come like top-linebackers of Miller (formerly Denver Broncos) as star supplements for the already well-established Rams team from Cleveland, Stand with tear-filled eyes on the edge of the side. At the edge of the side because the to the start of the game Bear-strong passport receiver including a great prisoner Touchdown had failed with a perhaps serious knee injury. After his sudden departure from the Browns, when Beckham had shown dissatisfied, but from a personal point of view became a happy end with ring on the finger.

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