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When does the quarry come out?

Supermassive Games has now announced his spiritual successor of fantastic until dawn. We are here to tell you when the quarry will come up .

When does the quarry come out?

The Quarry is developed by Supermassive Games and will be launched on June 10, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

The Quarry Announce Trailer

First, it must be taken into account that Quarry is not part of Dark Pictures Anthology and that the end of season 1 announced, The Devil In Me, will still be launched this year.

The Quarry promises a great cast with remarkable stars such as David Arquette, Brenda Song and Ariel Winter.

David Arquette has just appeared in the new Scream and, at a fun moment, Courtney Cox has just announced that Scream 6 will begin filming in June.

Until Dawn, the game that practically started everything, released in 2015 as an exclusive of PlayStation 4. Since the beginning of its Dark Pictures Anthology with the launch of Man of Medan in 2019, Supermassive Games is developing reference experiences for interactive terror.

As of 2019, Dark Pictures Anthology has been an annual launch game, with Little Hope at 2020 and House of Ashes in 2021. The Devil In I will be the end of season 1, but what exactly does that mean for the future of Dark Pictures? Anthology and one season 2 have not yet been seen.

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Supermassive work can

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Review

Supermassive Games is working on a new game, The Quarry, outside The Dark Pictures Anthology. Supermassive is a talented studio, and it would be great if they could work on something outside their horror series. Knowing that the studies work, I would be shocked if The Quarry did not have something yet to do with the horror.

It seems that the game is published by 2k. All this is currently only speculation of a registered trademark. The publisher and the studio itself have not announced anything yet.

At this point, I just hope Supermassive Games does not work until the b1. They continue to work on The Dark Pictures Anthology, they seem to work on this new game, and they also seem to work on a remake of unil dawn. It’s a lot of games to manage for any studio.

I mean, The Dark Pictures Anthology has at least five other games under development. As long as the games remain of quality and no one has to cruncher, it’s pretty impressive to be able to do as many games. However, I think it would be a good idea for supermassive to slow down a little.

The last thing we want is that they become another teltale games. With so many games under development and out so quickly, they run the risk of overloading their own kind. This is not yet the case, but it’s something you have to worry about the future. Supermassive Games has already published many similar games. It may be time to slow down or mix a little style and give fans something different.

What do you think of the fact that Supermassive does something outside of The Dark Pictures Anthology? Do you think they could flood their own kind? Let us know in the comments below!

Until Dawn points to a remake that would arrive at PS5, Xbox Series X

While Supermassive Games continues to delight the fans of horror games with the Anthology The Dark Pictures, it is reported that the company is working on a new version of the acclaimed Until Dawn . These are only rumors of the Accountngt user on Twitter, whom we give him a certain credit because he has already vaticinated the launch of Star Wars Eclipse.

_ “For what I have heard of multiple sources, in addition to its new games, Supermassive Games has been working on a new version of Until Dawn for some time that will come to the consoles of the current generation. I will try to find out more about this project.” _

Until Dawn had been one of the biggest successes, if not the largest, Supermasive Games, long before the Games of The Dark Pictures Anthology also catch the fans of terror. After its launch in 2015, the game was the first in sales around the world and then the first one in the classification in the United States the same year. Since then, the title has not stopped selling, so a remake – or even remastered by improving the graphics – in other consoles would be a good strategy to conquer a new public with a successful game **.

The interesting thing about this announcement is the mention of the launch of the game in the current generation consoles, which could include Availability in PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC and even Switch. Until then, the game could only be Play on PS4, so it would be an expansion to new platforms. It should be seen if the adventure also follows the line of the aforementioned anthology, where each player can take control of a different character to pass “a night of movies”.

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From now on, Supermassive Games has not made any official announcement. So we’ll have to wait to give up this information that, at the moment, it does not sound bad.

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