Created by the Santa Ragione workshop (Tires of Aurelia) as well as anticipated this year on the Legendary Games Store, while waiting for various other systems, this horror video game occurred in 1989 in the make believe village of Grasse, in Sardinia. With its imaginative instructions right out of a feverish desire (the computer animations are influenced by film quits on picture and also rotoscopy), the video game mixes expedition as well as resolution of enigma however also obtains from the roguelite in its progression. Firstly, the town is produced procedurally for each and every new part as well as in the occasion of the loss of the 4 usable personalities, each being adjusted to a particular element of expedition as well as investigation.

Influenced by both Sardinian culture and classic Italian horror cinema, the Saturnalia adventure game puts in the time to present its gameplay in a three-minute video. Sufficient to be familiar with the city of Grasse and the four playable characters that seek to leave it, while piercing the keys of the winter season solstice routine.

No need to come and get a strategy on the web, therefore, specifically since the video game does not present any kind of compass or various other sort of pen, liking making use of cards at stake and also a common sense of alignment, even if We can still ask a buddy to direct us to a location. Finding out the town will be easier as you unlock faster ways and also other secret flows, or make use of lights to mark its flows (suits belong to source management).


The battle is not there, but you will have to recognize how to run away certain threats that can develop nearby. A caught character can still be launched by an ally. In case of loss of the 4 characters, the gamer will certainly not shed his progression as well as his hints, yet will need to relearn the architecture of the village which will certainly have been completely reset.


Saturnalia-Presentation of the gameplay