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[Review] Memories are not just SRPG, but strategy and tactics.

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Triangle Strategy Caught Me Off Guard... | Review

The Visual of the HD-2D, which showed an Okto Pass Traveler, separately from the game play, delivered a unique emotion of classics and modern. A memorable way to play a two-piece translation on a child-based final metabolism game pack and a major metabolic A4 paper. The emotions do not forget for a lifetime.

The Square Ennix Asano team of Okto Pass Traveler, the triangle stratge that revived the old emotions again, so I had to attract attention from the release. One trial edition was to give the masterpieces of the past. Triangle Stratiji, who waited for the first time, it was made of a pretty unique work. It is similar to those who simply felt the atmosphere of the game itself, not only visuals that have been smoothing. In the meantime, we are emphasizing a strategy that is a full-time Ogper Battle, Tactics Ogers and Final Fantasy Tatics.

More precisely, it is so clear that it is so clear that it would not be difficult to eat it to the gamers that expect the other plays. However, such a distinct feature is the so-called entry barrier. The more I played a multiple difference, the more I play, the more you feel that you have been in the game, the more you feel fun. And if you want to play a tactics game to explore the strategy, not the SRPG that will explore the strategy, not the SRPG to explore the enemy, not the SRPG to explore the strategy.

Game name : Triangle Strategy (Triangle Strategy)
Classes : Tactical RPG
Release date : 2022. 3. 4.


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“Silent Hill” designer Mr. CHIKE CHINK 明 明 悔 ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ ファ

Mr. Kozani, who is familiar with the creature designer in the “Silent Hill” series, suddenly ** “I had to design a pyramid head (triangle).

Red Pyramidsing and Common Lectibe “triangle” in the same series has a major impact on players with the appearance and intense event scene, and then appeared as a creature representing the series.

Mr. Ito will continue to say, “I’m not going to mention the reason” ** “I’m not going to mention the reason”. However, Mr.’s tweets have a voice of questions from all over the world.

About this Overseas Media Niche Gamer introduces his past tweets. Among them, there was also a tweet that leaks dissatisfaction, such as “the intention of his production to the triangle, is actually received as a different form.”

It is unknown whether this tweet has such dissatisfaction, but it seems that the fan does not hide the upset in the breast of the designer who has been revealed with the character representing the series.

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