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CD Projekt Red employees can now do nothing for Cyberpunk 2077 remotely

The Polish company CD Projekt spoke about the use of a new, flexible work model on its Twitter, illustrating the message with photographs of an employee playing with a dog and a Siamese cat sleeping near the keyboard. In general, they demonstrate in every possible way that no work on the multi -user regime or at least a large content update for Cyberpunk 2077 does not go close.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Update 1.6 Is Sooner Than Expected! CD Projekt RED Opens Up! New Updates!

Obviously, the company is not going to fulfill its promises, which the director of the studio generously distributed to players in touching videos after the release of a raw and unfinished version of the role -playing game. Nobody recalls a road map published at the beginning of last year, and no news has been received about large patches.

Gow Ragnarök features should be as cool as the ax and I want to see that

Most God of War fans are likely to remind themselves too well when the game has asked them for the first time to throw the ax of Kratos. The feature is already satisfactory, but it is correctly rounded off it by pressing the triangle button when the ax comes back with sheeps. Every movement of the animation makes the force clear, which is behind this litter.

Such an experience should also be offered fans in God of War Ragnarök, which at least promises Beau Jimenez, who works as a sound designer on the continuation. On Twitter, he responded to a video in which a fan recorded his visibly impressed response to the first Axwurf in the game.

Such reactions promises Jimenez for God of War Ragnarök : “I am so looking forward to reacting players to what we were in God of War: Ragnarök work.”

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God of was new mechanics

Of course, what the team is working on the team does not reveal the sound designer. But we already know that a lot should change at the combat system in the successor. So struggles should not only become tactical, players * inside should also get more options for the hand.

An anticipated innovation is more verticality. Already in RevealTrailer was brief to see how Kratos moves with his chaos blades to a higher platform. Here you can watch this again:

Kratos with gripping hook and glider?

God of War Ragnarok - 8 Things We Don't Want
Although the pull up looks fun, but certainly does not approach the ax throw. Most likely, the trailer also shows not all new mechanics of the game. Well possible so that we expect much more impressive innovations.

So far, we can only give courage, but other action titles already present with interesting ideas. For example, Kratos could destroy walls, for example, as well as in Horizon Forbidden West with its gripping hook blades or like Aloy with a glider over the game world. Or boss fights in the game could have similar to a Shadow of the Colossus climbing passages in which the opponents have to be climbed first. Maybe, and here we sit out of the window, Kratos could even learn to jump.

The possibilities are practically endless. Which new mechanics ultimately create it into the finished game, we still have to wait. So far, a concrete release date is missing, despite displacement rumors, the game should nevertheless appear 2022.

What ideas do you have for new tools for Kratos or Atreus in God of War Ragnarök?

opportunity Alan: raffle started with Alan Wake Remastered

In a new raffle you now have the unique opportunity Alan Wake Remastered for you and another disc copy for a friend (s)!

Participation in the raffle is divided as follows: opportunity Alan, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. If you participate in everyone, you will increase your winning opportunities. The raffle ends on May 10, 2022.

Participation in opportunity Alan :

  1. Write a comment, directly under this message and tells us which location you would wish for Alan Wake 2.
  2. Marks a user of opportunity Alan with @username, which should win the second game.

Participation in Twitter:

Subscribed to the opportunity Alan Twitter channel, Liked and returnetet the raffle message and marks your friend in a response to win the second copy.

  • Alan
  • Twitter raffle

Participation on Facebook:

Subscribed to the opportunity Alan Facebook Canal, Liked the raffle message and marked your friend in a response to win the second copy.

  • Alan
  • Facebook raffle

Participation on YouTube:

Subscribed to the opportunity Alan YouTube channel, Liked the raffle message and marked in a response your Xbox Live friend, who is to win the second specimen.

  • Alan
  • YouTube raffle

Participation in Twitch:

Leave a follow with xbox dynasty twitch channel. Look at the live streams of the next few weeks on Alan and post! Dynasty in the chat. Mark a present user from the chat, which should win the second copy. Further details can be found in the respective streams.

  • Alan

Closing date is 10 May 2022 at 23:59. The general terms and conditions apply. Shipping costs are accepted only within Germany. All winners will be informed via private message or in response to your comment on your profit.

Alan Wake Critique - Beyond Inspiration
Note: Who participates in all raffle possibilities, can improve its chances of winning.

The entire opportunity Alan team again presses the thumbs up with this raffle.

Capcom will come out four “big” games in the next fiscal year, according to an initiate

Capcom and Resident Evil The AestheticGamer initiate, also known as Dusk Golem, consulted Twitter to publish new Teasers for fans. There have been rumors that have been circulating for a moment on the possibility of a new Resident Evil the game will be released soon, and Dusk Golem has addressed this subject in their tweets.

Apparently, Capcom plans to get out a few big games during the new fiscal year (from April 2020 to March 2021), who should report “big benefits”. Five titles should go out during this 12-month period, including a medium-sized game that will not be “on the same scale as the other four versions.”

Two of these five versions will be resident evil titles, according to Dusk Golem. We already know that one of them will be the next resident Evil 3 remake, but the other, with the other two unexpected games, is always a mystery.

However, AestheticGamer confirmed that the name Resident Evil The game will not be a veronica_code again, as some rumors suggested. In reality, Code Veronica is “not even pre-production” right now. The Insider’s tweet also informed the fans that an dino Crisis the game was in development a few years ago before being “scrapped and buried”, leaving the “off” franchise.

Massive Leaks at Capcom & More PS5 Tidbits - Episode 209

Although nothing of this has been officially confirmed by Capcom, Dusk Golem has a pretty good assessment with their news in the past, especially with respect to Resident Evil Games. They stated that we should hear about Capcom in its quarterly financial report, which will soon be published.

You can also pre-order the resident Evil 3 Remake Now, which will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 3rd.

Problems are reported with Twitter servers

It seems that the week can not close without any error occurs in social networks. On this occasion, it is not Facebook who suffers from connection problems, but Twitter , where it has been reported that it is impossible to access this site for a few minutes.

According to Down Detector, severe faults have been reported on Twitter servers during the last minutes. The site has mentioned that from 11:14 am (Time of Mexico City), the social network has presented several failures . At the time of accessing this site through a PC, an error message prevents the step to our Timeline.

However, This is something that does not affect mobile users , where the Twitter application seems to work without any problem, although this could well change at any time. At the moment there is no clear response to this problem. We only have to wait for the company to solve this inconvenience.

I Recovered my Suspended Twitter Account in 2 Days | Unsuspend My Twitter Account With Proof - 2021
On related topics, Twitter has joined the NFT business.

Editor’s note:

These types of errors are not as common on Twitter, especially in a way that only affects the social network on PC, and not on mobile devices. Just hope that the solution does not take much to arrive.

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