Kool2Play is a unique independent video game developer who has tried a wide range of genres. The company has been working on Uragun for some time with the X project and the Y project, which will be announced at another time. Today, Kool2Play is finally able to show Uragun and to announce that it will enter early access on March 30, 2022. The game is described as a descending action experience filled with machines and robots. The game will be available on Steam.

Uragun - Official Gameplay Trailer

The director of the game, Fran Aviles, who worked on Deep Rock Galactic, as well as Kool2Play are ready to show Uragun at Steam Next Fest on February 21st. The game demo will be available on Steam from this date. The demo will include the tutorial and four levels on two biomes.

In Uragun, players embody mortal Mechs who wake up while a corrupt IA tries to conquer the world. Players will travel through different locations, including Barcelona, ​​Hong Kong and North America. As players progress, they will unlock weapons such as hunting rifles, plasma boomerangs and much more. There is also a ton of customization options.

Uragun offers fast battles with personalized levels that offer a real challenge. To succeed, players must master the fight, movement and weapons.

Early access has allowed various independent developers to publish their games and receive comments. Although there are disadvantages to the system, Kool2Play and other developers use it positively.

What do you think of anticipated access? Do you like the idea? Have you ever appreciated anticipated access titles? Are you interested in Uragun? Are you going to try the demo or early access? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.