The 25-year-old Hennig and the one year older Carl, nominated for Katherine Sauerbrey as a replacement woman short-term, won on Wednesday in Chinese Zhangjiakou sensational in front of Sweden and Russia – and just on the birthday of Peter’s choice. “That’s so cool, a better birthday present does not exist,” the national coach, which was 52 years old on Wednesday, yelled in the team radio. For his two protégés it was already the second precious metal in the title struggles and the very large triumph. Last Saturday they had won together with Sauerbrey and Sofie Krehl Silver with the season.

Carl thus contributed significantly to the two large and unexpected medal screens of German trails-asse in these winter games. In 2018 in Pyeongchang, the cross-country skiers had remained without any medal, in 2014 in Sochi had given Bronze for the Women Season with Nicole Fessel, Stefanie Böhler, Claudia Nystad and Denise Herrmann, who won bronze today with the biathlon season today.

The medal mirror at a glance

The German Duo had previously established himself in the semifinal in bright sunshine and icy cold in his run from the US Americans and Austria. The best four teams of the two semi-finishes had their final court safely, the two of the two teams came to the finished team with the best times. In the teamprint, the participants run alternately three times.

Brugger loses the ski – fifth gold for Kläbo

Albert Kuchler and Janosch Brugger differed in the men’s competition on a bit bitter way. In the semifinal Brugger lost a ski on the final round and had no chance to intervene in the fight to intervene the final. He ran to just one ski.

The Norwegian Johannes Hösflot Kläbo then won his fifth Olympic gold medal and is now second more frequent cross-country skier in the history of winter games. The 25-year-old won with Erik Valnes in the Teamsprint in front of Finland and Russia. For Kläbo it was the second gold medal in China after the singing sprint. With five times gold as well as once silver and bronze he has only his compatriot Björn Dählie (8/4/0) in front of him. In the cross-gender rating, Kläbo is located in four place, where the Norwegian Marit Björgen (8/4/3) lies at the top, which also leads the ranking of the most successful athletes and athletes in winter games.